Welcome to Crossroads Basketball!

Cornell Thomas

Crossroads Basketball provides training and coaching for basketball players on all levels. From the beginners looking to make their rec or travel team to college and professional players who are hungry to continue their development.

We specialize in teaching the fundamentals of basketball. Players today are no longer taught the basics of the game. They lack the skills necessary to become the best players they can be. Our program teaches the individual through constant repetition of the fundamentals needed to achieve success.


Team Training

Do you want to keep your team sharp throughout the summer? Nowadays teammates play separately all summer long and then struggle to rediscover the chemistry from the season before. At Crossroads Basketball we offer Team Training throughout the summer. We have been helping teams throughout the state of New Jersey for the last seven years. …

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Chelsea Snyder

Forward/Post Academy

When Mondays & Wednesdays starting July 14 – 30 2:30 – 3:30 pm 6th – 12th grade coed Where Lafayette Township School Cost $180 for 6 sessions/ $40 for a session REGISTER TODAY! Walk ups welcome! The game of basketball is changing rapidly. No longer is the post position filled with big, immobile players that …

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Cornell Thomas, Owner of Crossroads Basketball

Point Guard Academy

When Tuesdays & Thursdays starting July 15 – July 31 2:30 – 3:30 pm 6th – 12th grade coed Where Lafayette Township School Cost $180 for 6 sessions/ $40 a session REGISTER TODAY! Walk ups are welcome! It’s amazing how many players want to play the point guard position without having a clue on not …

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Fall AAU Tryouts

  For us basketball is all year round. If you want to be great at anything you have to not only be hard working but also consistent. Gone are the days where you can take two months off and still be competitive. Nowadays basketball players all over the world are training from sun up till …

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