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Summer Basketball Conditioning Program

I have worked with thousands of players in the past 13 years, the one thing that is consistent with all who are successful is there is no off season. The great separator from good and great is what you do when its no longer mandatory to do it.

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Summer Basketball Camps

When you go to a camp you have a choice. You can go somewhere that’s going to improve you or go somewhere that’s going to amuse you. We’re all about improving. Yes we make camp fun but not in a way that takes away from learning. We look forward to seeing you this summer.

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Confidence comes from repetition,
you are what you repeatedly do

Cornell Thomas
Cornell ThomasOwner

About Cornell Thomas

Ten years ago I decided to start my own basketball program for kids. Frustrated with the lack of instruction and the state of play as a whole I envisioned running a program that was more than just basketball. A program that would produce not only good players but even better people. On April 14, 2005 Crossroads Basketball was started.

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