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Summer Basketball Program

This program is for the players that want it. Those that want to take their game and mindset to the next level. There is so much that can be done in the “offseason”, use your time getting ahead, not being left behind.

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March 9-10

Spring AAU Tryouts

No matter what level you want to play on we have a proven staff to get you there. You will be in a fun and extremely informative WE environment not a ME environment. I look forward to seeing you all at tryouts!!

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Confidence comes from repetition,
you are what you repeatedly do

Cornell Thomas
Cornell ThomasOwner

About Cornell Thomas

Ten years ago I decided to start my own basketball program for kids. Frustrated with the lack of instruction and the state of play as a whole I envisioned running a program that was more than just basketball. A program that would produce not only good players but even better people. On April 14, 2005 Crossroads Basketball was started.

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