vinny_ladder_455x250What to expect at tryouts?
  •  Please come to tryouts at least 20 minutes prior to session. This will give you enough time to sign in, receive a number and warm-up.
  • Be prepared to work hard!
  1. How will I know if my son/daughter made the team? After the last tryout date, teams will be posted on the Crossroads website. Please have patience with this process; we had over 250 kids’ tryout last year and expect more for this upcoming AAU season.
  2. What options are there for my child who does not make a team? For those who do not make a team we offer Skills Development Training.
  3. How many games do we play? The number of games will be determined by which team your child plays for. Our girls high school team plays around 50 games (not including scrimmages)AAUBoys2013_2
  4. How many practices will there be and where will they be held at? All teams will practice at least twice per week. Practices will be held at either Lafayette Township School, Sussex Tech, Green School or Sussex County College.
  5. When does AAU start and end? For all teams, Practices will start the second week of March. For the younger kids, the AAU season usually ends in June. For the older kids, the AAU season will end in July.
  6. How much does AAU cost? Cost varies depending on age group and team, with the high school teams being more expensive.
  7. Are uniforms included? Uniforms are sold separately. We will have a cost for uniforms in February. Due to a change in our business partnership we will be ordering new uniforms for both our boys and girls teams.
  8. Who are the coaches? The coaches will not be determined until we find out how many teams we’ll have for the upcoming season. Every one of our coaches is more than qualified to help your child’s game get to the next level.
  9. Will there be showcase tournaments? Yes. For our girls high school teams and some select boy’s teams.younggirls


What is Skill Development Training

For parents and players alike, making and playing on a competitive team is the “ultimate goal”. But many players have not learned or developed the skill set needed to make and compete at the AAU level. For your son or daughter who does not make one of our AAU teams, we have created a program to help these players take their game to the next level.
We are happy to announce our Crossroads Basketball Skill Development Training for your aspiring player. The goal of this program is to develop dribbling, passing and shooting fundamentals in a controlled clinic environment. In addition the program will teach the finer points of man to man defense, finishing moves and basketball IQ – 101.



ParentsCrossroads Basketball has worked hard to get great coaches on every level of our organization. With that being said our coaches are more than qualified to help your son/daughter to not only improve individually but also learn the game of basketball. If you choose to be part of this family there will be a parent contract along with a list of rules that will be strictly enforced to help the AAU season run as smoothly as possible.

Players Players will also have to sign a contract. This states that they will work hard, listen, and be good teammates amongst other things. We strictly enforce this contract as well; our program has always had high character kids and we will continue to make sure it does.