“You must be willing to do what others won’t do today to have what others wont have tomorrow.”

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If you missed tryouts and interested in playing contact Cornell Thomas at crossroadsbasketball@yahoo.com or call 973-222-7575.

For the past ten years our teams have been competing against some of the best of the best all over the country. Our goal is not to collect trophies; our goal is to get your child out of their comfort zone. It’s easy to be the hammer but a lot harder to occasionally be the nail. You will never truly know how good you are or can be unless you get out of your bubble.

Our coaches aren’t just high-­‐level players, but actual coaches dedicated to getting  the players in our program better. Just because you were a cub scout doesn’t mean you can build a tree house. You have to know how to get other people better not just yourself, and our staff is the best around at skill development and building a team.

This program has sent players on to play anywhere from Division 3 to Division 1, to the professional ranks. We DO NOT promise scholarships in our program, or spin fictional tales to parents on what level their kids can play at. We are 100% transparent, we will give you an honest assessment where your child is and what they need to do to get where they want to go. (Within their ability)

No matter what level you want to play on we have a proven staff to get you there. You will be in a fun and extremely informative WE environment not a ME environment. I look forward to seeing you all at tryouts!!

“You must be willing to do what others won’t do today to have what others wont have tomorrow.”

AAU gets a bad rap for a lot of good reasons. For the last ten years I’ve seen hundreds of other programs put teams together that weren’t ready for the level. Just to make a buck they would accept anyone with legs and then send them into the fire. What happens next? Those kids spend the whole season getting their heads beat in, some never get the opportunity to even play, and eventually the child loses his/her love for the game.

After not only hearing but seeing this all to much I decided to start a Crossroads Program for players that are not quite ready for the rigors of AAU. These teams will have the SAME instruction as our AAU teams but will be playing in house games, and against local teams on a similar level. Practices will be twice a week except for on GAME DAY. It’s crucial for players to be able to test what they learn in a game situation, but now it will be in an environment where the competition doesn’t make it impossible to do so.

Because of the way schedules work some of our AAU teams occasionally need a player or two for tournaments. Some (coach selected) players may have the opportunity to play with our AAU teams for no additional cost. Playing time in AAU especially the older ages is completely up to the coach. This is an amazing opportunity for the players in this program. I look forward to seeing you all at tryouts!!!

“Opportunity doesn’t wait it just knocks, make sure you’re ready for it.”

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Walk-ups are Welcome!

If you have any questions, please contact Cornell Thomas at crossroadsbasketball@yahoo.com or visit our FAQ page.


$20 pre registration / registration and payment must be received by Friday, August 17

$25 walk ins/ cash, checks and money orders accepted at the door.

Sorry we do not except Credit Cards


Sunday, August 19

raindate August 26


Evergreen Park | 17 Kennedy Rd | Green Twp, NJ



9:00 – 10:00am 4th – 7th grade

10:00 – 11:00am 8th – 12th grade


11:00 – 12:00pm 4th – 7th grade

12:00 – 1:00pm 8th – 12th grade


Please come to tryouts 30 minutes prior to your session. This will give you time to register, receive your number and stretch.

For more information please visit our FAQ page.


We will have estimated prices out soon.