The Crossroads Program


$300 | please make checks payable to Crossroads Basketball


Wednesdays | 5:00 – 6:15pm | Lafayette Township School

Starting Wednesday, April, 6

AAU gets a bad rap for a lot of good reasons. For the last ten years I’ve seen hundreds of other programs put teams together that weren’t ready for the level. Just to make a buck they would accept anyone with legs and then send them into the fire. What happens next? Those kids spend the whole season getting their heads beat in, some never get the opportunity to even play, and eventually the child loses his/her love for the game.After not only hearing but seeing this all to much I decided to start a Crossroads Program for players that are not quite ready for the rigors of AAU. These teams will have the SAME instruction as our AAU teams. Practices will be once a week.

“Opportunity doesn’t wait it just knocks, make sure you’re ready for it.”