from June – August, 2019 (schedule)

Email Cornell Thomas at to register.

*20 kids per group

Evergreen Park, Green Township

I have worked with thousands of players in the past 13 years, the one thing that is consistent with all who are successful is there is no off season. The great separator from good and great is what you do when its no longer mandatory to do it. This program is for those that are ready to make that jump. The value that will come from this both physically and mentally is priceless.

The Program:
Fundamental Mastery: Perfecting form in all areas of basketball both offensively and defensively.
1 on 1 Breakdowns: Learning how to get separation from defenders off the dribble, in triple threat, and how to properly move without the basketball
Game Situation Drills: Game situation scenarios. It’s easy to go through drills without knowing the real game application to them.
Game Shape Drills: This program is designed to get players in shape and prepared for the fall. This program will give players a head start on anyone that isn’t in attendance.