bout five years ago I remember sending out an email that simply said, Summer Basketball Conditioning Program. I had no idea how many players would sign up, I just knew that we needed to do something as an organization to bridge the gap between us, and our goals. To my surprise that first year we had about ten kids show up, and after that initial summer I saw the value in the program.

I have been around the game of basketball for thirty years, as a player, and as a coach. One of the most important tips I give me players is that the “off-season” is a myth. If you are serious about improving your basketball game, you have to continue to train regardless if you are in or out of season. I have seen players transform in three months faster than others have in years.

In our basketball-conditioning program we focus heavily on the fundamentals. Skilling players up is invaluable but pointless if you do not follow it up with not just how the moves work, but when they work. We will work on 5 on 5 game situations and smaller group breakdown scrimmages. Another added bonus is our basketball conditioning training. Our goal is for our players to be able to finish games strong.


$750 (AAU Crossroads Players) / $1,000 (Non AAU Crossroads Players)


Evergreen Park, Green Township (Outside Park)


July 1st
July 6th
July 8th
July 10th
July 11th (Sunday -> Mount Arlington)
July 13th
July 15th
July 17th
July 18th (Sunday -> Mount Arlington)
July 19th
July 21st
July 23rd
July 25th (Sunday -> Mount Arlington)
July 27th
July 29th
July 31st
August 3rd
August 5th
August 7th
August 9th

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