FAQ: How To Make Basketball Planter?

How do you cut a hole in a basketball?

Using a craft knife or the end of the scissors, poke a hole along the middle of the basketball {right along the black line} and cut down the middle of the line until you’ve gone all the way around the ball. Trim any bits that aren’t even.

Can you grow a plant in a shoe?

Once you’ve created drainage, fill the shoes with a lightweight soilless potting mix. Likewise, you can choose to stick a smaller container (drainage included) into the shoe or boot whenever feasible. Plant the shoes with relatively small plants such as: Sedum.

How do you plant succulents in shoes?


  1. Remove any shoe inserts from the shoes.
  2. Using the drill, add drainage holes in sole of shoes.
  3. Once the holes are drilled, use a paintbrush to coat the inside of the shoe with the sealant.
  4. Finally, you’ll fill up the shoe with soil, and plant!

What can I use instead of a basketball?

Even if you’re not using a basketball, you can use bundled socks, a tennis ball or your clothes to swish and sink your shots. Just be careful, spending too much time in the laundry may require you to actually do the washing! This old school ring replacement is one your parents and coaches might remember.

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What is V-cut in basketball?

V-cutting requires body-to-body contact by players. They are executed by walking the defender a couple of feet inside the 3-point line, planting your foot, and then exploding out to receive the ball. It works because the defense’s reaction time won’t be quick enough to stop the player from receiving the pass.

What is a blast cut in basketball?

A shallow cut is used when exchanging positions with the person dribbling the ball. This means going underneath them and keeping the defender occupied while they fill the unoccupied spot. Blast or Flash Cut. A flash cut is a quick, explosive cut made by a post player to the high post.

Why are V cuts used in basketball?

The V-Cut is commonly used by wing players during a man-to-man defense when they want to shake a defender around the perimeter. It is most effective when you begin outside of the three-point line.

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