FAQ: What Happened To Basketball Wives?

Why did Basketball Wives end early?

During the last episode of Basketball Wives that aired on March 16, Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal decided to leave the mini stay-cation early due to all of the tension and arguing amongst the ladies. Their exit was followed by Malaysia Pargo and Kristen Scott leaving as well.

Will Basketball Wives return in 2020?

The series is reportedly bringing back some familiar faces for season 10 following Evelyn Lozada’s departure. Previous Basketball Wives LA cast members Brooke Bailey, Brittish Williams, DJ Duffey and Angel Brinks have accepted offers to join season 10 of Basketball Wives, HipHollywood reports.

Why is there no Basketball Wives reunion?

As many followers called for a “BBW” cancellation, others claimed that the series would not be having a reunion because of the infamous “colorism” situation with Ogom “O.G.” Chijindu and other “BBW” cast members, including Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal.

Who was fired from Basketball Wives?

This week, Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada announced her departure from the show after 9 seasons.

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Has OG been fired from Basketball Wives?

But there was some serious drama with OG and some of the other Basketball Wives women since her time on the show began. Now, she’s not holding anything back. Drama from Season 8 has only added to what’s happening in Season 9, and OG is firing back.

Will Basketball Wives be Cancelled?

‘Basketball Wives’ Is Not Canceled, Despite Bringing in Low Ratings for Season 9. If you’re hip to the drama in Basketball Wives, then you know that things have hit an all-time low.

Are Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia still friends?

As EXCLUSIVELY reported by theJasmineBRAND, sources reveal that Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell are no longer friends. The details on the matter are currently unclear, though the fallout will allegedly be featured in the upcoming season of the hit VH1 series.

Did CeCe and Byron get married?

Gutirrez and Byron married in 2020. Unfortunately, neither Thomas nor Kristen attended the ceremony.

Why was Basketball Wives so short?

She then confirmed there was only one more episode left after Tuesday’s March 16th episode. It’s not clear why this season is so short, with a total of only seven episodes, but it was clear COVID-19 impacted the season and the ladies’ ability to film.

Will there be a Basketball Wives Season 10?

The 10th season of the show is being filmed now While the premiere date of the 10th season of “Basketball Wives” has still not been announced, HipHollywood reports that several cast members have accepted offers to appear in the latest season.

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Is basketball season 9 over?

Basketball Wives Season 10 Release Date. ‘Basketball Wives’ season 9 released on February 9, 2021, on VH1, with the season concluding on March 23, 2021.

Are Malaysia and Bambi still friends?

Bambi and Scrappy are BFFs with none other than Basketball Wives’ Malaysia Pargo and it looks like she may have just solidified her spot as Breland’s godmother by waiting by Bambi’s side throughout the labor.

How much older is Tami than Reggie?

Tami is 17 years older than Reggie, and in their ‘Get to Know You’ interview, the couple said they went on the show to determine whether or not they should get married.

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