Nfl Players Who Played Basketball?

What NFL player also played basketball?

Quinten Rollins Like Gates, Rollins competed on the hardwood in the MAC, but after four seasons playing basketball for the Redhawks, he joined the school’s football team for one season, earning MAC Defensive Player of the Year honors in 2014.

Has any NFL player played in the NBA?

NFL Player NBA Teams NFL Teams Otto Graham Royals (45-46) Browns (46-55) Bud Grant Lakers (49-51) Eagles (51-52) Players who almost made it MLB Michael Jordan NFL John Havilcek NBA Jim Thorpe. Had his own basketball league. Drafted but never played Tony Gwen. Drafted by Clippers, never played NBA.

Has any NFL player played d2?

Over the past three seasons, 210 former Division II and Division III players have competed in the NFL: 93 in 2018, 57 in 2019 and 60 this year. Of this player pool, 32 had their name called on Draft Night.

Did Antonio Gates play college football?

College career Gates played basketball but not football in college. He originally enrolled at Michigan State University wanting to play football under then-coach Nick Saban as well as basketball under coach Tom Izzo.

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Who is the tallest NFL player?

Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueve and recently released offensive lineman Dan Skipper are the two tallest players in the NFL at 6-foot-9. While Villanueve and Skipper stand above everyone else, more than half of the teams in the NFL have at least one player who is 6-foot-8.

How many football players have played in the NFL?

Here are the results: 23,204 men have played pro football. 6,082 have died. 17,122 players are still living.

Who is the best basketball player right now?

From The King to The Spider, here are the top 20 players in the NBA right now.

  1. 01 Kevin Durant. 1 / 20.
  2. 02 Giannis Antetokounmpo. 2 / 20.
  3. 03 LeBron James. USA Today Sports Images.
  4. 04 Stephen Curry. 4 / 20.
  5. 05 James Harden. 5 / 20.
  6. 06 Kawhi Leonard. 6 / 20.
  7. 07 Nikola Jokic. 7 / 20.
  8. 08 Joel Embiid. 8 / 20.

Has anyone ever been drafted in 3 sports?

He is one of six players ever to be drafted by three professional sports (the others being George Carter, Jo Jo White, Noel Jenke, Mickey McCarty and Dave Logan) and one of three athletes along with Carter and McCarty to be drafted by four leagues.

Who is the best multi sport athlete?

Top 10 greatest multi-sport athletes

  • Brian Jordan. Jordan earned the rare honor of being named an All-Star in the NFL and MLB.
  • Gene Conley.
  • Jim Brown.
  • Jackie Robinson.
  • Bob Hayes.
  • Bo Jackson.
  • Joe Louis.
  • Deion Sanders.

Can you go from D3 to D1?

An important thing to consider is that those engaging in the transfer process from an NCAA D3 institution to a D1 or D2 university must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. NAIA to NCAA transfer rules also require you to be approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center unless you’re heading to a D3 school.

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Has a Division 3 football player ever made it to the NFL?

Marpet was drafted in the second round, 61st overall, of the 2015 NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on May 1, 2015. Marpet was the highest-drafted pick in the history of NCAA Division III football. He was the 20th Division III player to be drafted since 1990.

Can you go pro from Division 2 football?

Every year a handful of Division 2 football players get drafted into the league. Following the draft, plenty of Division II players are invited to NFL training camps for a shot to compete for a roster spot.

What college did NFL player Antonio Gates attend?

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