Often asked: Where Is Royce From Basketball Wives?

What happened to Royce from Basketball Wives?

In addition to being a mom to her son Braylon—who is now 13 years old! —Royce has been working full time on her non-profit competition team Fantashique. For those wondering, this proud mother of two—who welcomed a son in May 2020— is still working as an ER registered nurse.

Is Royce and Desmond still together?

Royce Reed Announces She and Dezmon Are Officially Over On Twitter. This announcement doesn’t come as a shock considering the drama that has ensued between these two for months.

How much is Royce from Basketball Wives?

Royce Reed net worth: Royce Reed is a former cheerleader and dancer who has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Does Royce from basketball wives have kids?

If you follow Royce Reed (of “Basketball Wives” fame) on Twitter, you know that she’s currently dating Tampa Bay Buccaneer Dezmon Briscoe, and from the looks of her tweets, the two are getting more serious by the day.

Why did Royce and Desmond break up?

After being publicly humiliated, Royce eventually called it off with Briscoe even though she originally believed he was faithful, and stated that the infidelity on his end was most likely due to the fact that he is younger than her.

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Who is Royce Reed boyfriend?

So who is Royce Reed’s boyfriend Dwayne Moore? In the Orlando market, Moore is known as a successful photographer and artist.

Who is Royce married to?

Basketball Wives: Royce Reed and Dwayne Moore talk marriage – Orlando Sentinel.

Did Royce get married from Basketball Wives?

Royce Reed and Dezmond Briscoe Getting Married Despite Baby Mama Twitter Beef. Just Monday night “Basketball Wives’” Royce Reed was involved in a social media battle with the mother of her boyfriend Dezmond Briscoe’s son on twitter, today she’s getting married to the…

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