Quick Answer: How To Disassemble Little Tikes Basketball Hoop?

Can you take apart Little Tikes basketball hoop?

Yes, it can be disassembled if needed but is not an easy fete. Also you fill the bottom with water or sand so it won’t too over. If you have a rambunctious little one and he/she knocks it over and jumps on it, Water will leak out a bit.

How do you replace Little Tikes basketball net?

What is the number to call for a replacement net? You may call 1-800-321-0183.

How do you adjust a Fisher Price basketball hoop?

To lower the rim height: while holding the upper post, push the lever on the lower post down. Lower the upper post and push the lever into the slot at 4′ or 5′ (1.2 m or 1.5 m). Pull the lever on the lower post down. Insert the upper post into the lower post with the net positioned over the wheels on the base.

How much sand do you need for Little Tikes basketball hoop?

Place this product on a flat surface for stability. To prevent tipping and potential injury, do not attempt to stand the basketball set up without first filling the base with 40 lbs. (18.2 Kg.) of sand (not included) (Illus.

Can you fill Little Tikes hoop with water?

It is a little difficult to move around if you fill the base with water (it tends to spill) but it does the trick. We’ ve actually only used it in the house since we have tile floors.

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What size are Little Tikes basketballs?

It has “little tikes” etched on the surface and is a genuine Little Tikes replacement part, made in the USA. The ball is 18.5 inches in circumference which makes it approximately 5.82 inches in diameter. The basketball has a valve so that air can be pumped into the ball.

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