Quick Answer: What Is A Crossover In Basketball?

What is the main purpose of a crossover dribble?

The crossover dribble is one of the most effective ways to maintain control of the ball against heavy pressure, or, while attempting to go by your man. It is the primary tool used by the point guard while travelling up the court under defensive pressure.

What is a crossover in sport?

This is a dribbling move that is performed by an offensive player when he or she moves the ball from one side of their body to the other with a single dribble.

Is a crossover considered dribbling?

Also known as an ankle-breaker, the crossover is a dribbling technique used to create space between yourself and a defender.

Is crossover a basketball term?

In basketball, the crossover is a commonly used tactical maneuver against encroaching defense players. The crossover move is a way of faking out other basketball players by rapidly switching the ball from one hand to the other and changing direction of travel. This is also known as the crossover dribble.

What is the advantage of a crossover vehicle?

Since they are built on unibody frames like road cars, crossovers usually offer a smoother, more comfortable ride, handle better, are easier to maneuver and park and tend to stop quicker than regular SUVs.

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What is the best sport crossover?

10 of the Best Sporty Crossovers

  • 2017 Audi SQ5. The 2017 Audi SQ5 is the sporty sibling to the Q5 crossover vehicle.
  • 2017 BMW X6 M.
  • 2017 Honda HR-V.
  • 2017 Infiniti QX70.
  • 2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.
  • 2017 Lexus NX 200t.
  • 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE63 S Coupe.
  • 2017 Nissan Juke Nismo RS.

Who is the best crossover in NBA history?

Tim Hardaway had best crossover in NBA history, Mychal Thompson says.

What are the 13 rules of basketball?

Dr. James Naismith’s Original 13 Rules of Basketball

  • The ball may be thrown in any direction with one or both hands.
  • The ball may be batted in any direction with one or both hands (never with the fist).
  • A player cannot run with the ball.

Which pass is the most common pass in basketball?

“The most commonly used passes are the chest pass, push pass, bounce pass and overhead pass.”

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