Quick Answer: Who Is The Highest Paid College Basketball Coach?

Which college basketball coach gets paid the most?

The Highest-Paid College Basketball Coaches in America

  • Roy Williams. School: North Carolina.
  • Tom Izzo. School: Michigan State.
  • Jay Wright. School: Villanova.
  • Chris Beard. School: Texas Tech.
  • Rick Barnes. School: Tennessee.
  • Mick Cronin. School: UCLA.
  • Mike Krzyzewski. School: Duke.
  • John Calipari. School: Kentucky. Conference: SEC.

Who is the lowest paid d1 basketball coach?

Not all NCAA Division I basketball coaches earn seven figures, however. Johnny Jones at Texas Southern and Eric Henderson at South Dakota State University are the lowest paid coaches of those listed by USA Today. Their 2021 salaries are ​$250,000​ and ​$275,000​ respectively.

What is Mark Few salary?

Few earns $1.8 million in base salary as head coach, according to Celebrity Net Worth, with performance bonuses that are common in college basketball. He possesses a net worth of $12 million.

What is Krzyzewski salary?

While Calipari is the highest paid college basketball coach there are others who do very well. Mike Krzyzewski of Duke will earn $7 million this season.

What is Jay Wright’s salary?

According to USA Today, Wright will receive $6.14 million in total pay for the 2020-21 season. That ranks third among active men’s college basketball coaches, and Wright only trails Kentucky’s John Calipari ($8 million) and Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski ($7 million).

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Who is highest paid coach?

Diego Simeone: $130 million He holds the title of the highest paid coach in the world currently with a net worth of $130 million.

What is Nick Saban salary?

Alabama’s board of trustees on Monday approved a contract extension for football coach Nick Saban that will keep him in Tuscaloosa through the 2028 season. Saban, who turns 70 in October, will make $8.7 million this year, with his salary set to increase by $400,000 annually.

What is Geno Auriemma’s salary?

STORRS, Conn. (AP) — UConn has extended women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma’s contract through 2025 in a deal worth $15 million, school officials announced Friday. Athletic director David Benedict said the five-year extension is retroactive to April 2020 and includes an annual base salary of $600,000.

How much do Division 1 assistant basketball coaches make?

Salary.com lists the average college assistant basketball coaches’ salary as of December 2020 at $57,096, with a range from $46,285 to $79,078; other salary websites provide similar figures.

How much do basketball coaches make in high school?

Salary Ranges for High School Basketball Coaches The salaries of High School Basketball Coaches in the US range from $17,930 to $70,050, with a median salary of $31,000. The middle 50% of High School Basketball Coaches makes $31,000, with the top 75% making $70,050.

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