Readers ask: How Many Ways Can 7 Basketball Players Be Listed In Order In A Program?

How many ways can five basketball players be listed in order in a program?

= 126. Your final answer is 126 ways. In how many ways can 5 basketball players be chosen from a group of 9 players?

How many ways can basketball team of 5 players be chosen from 6 players?

The number of ways of selecting a team of five is 10 5 = 252.

How many ways can 15 basketball players be listed in a program?

And since we are placing all 15 players in the program, the answer becomes 15! ≈ 1.3×1012 ways.

How many ways can 5 basketball?

The number of ways in which 5 basketball players can be selected from 8 basketball players is 8C5= 56 8 C 5 = 56.

How many ways can 4 persons be arranged in a straight line?

A group of 4 people are standing in a straight line. In how many different ways can these people be standing on the line? The answer is 24.

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How many ways can you split 10 players into two teams of 5 players each?

There are (105)=10×9×8×7×65×4×3×2×1=252 ways of chosing the starting five. The number of ways of dividing the squad into two teams of five is 2522= 126.

How many ways can 6 people be divided into two groups?

2 unequal groups, if there must be at least one person in each group? So, to choose the first group I have 6 possibilities of which I am choosing 3. For the second group, I have 3 remaining people of which 3 must be chosen -> hence 6C3×3C3= 20.

How many ways can a coach select 5 players from a team of 8?

First notice that 8 choose 5 is the same as 8 choose 3 since choosing five players to be on the court is equivalent to choosing 3 players to sit on the bench. I’m going to work with 8 choose 3 since it is easier. 6 ways. = 8!/[3!

What is the difference between combination and permutation?

permutations and combinations, the various ways in which objects from a set may be selected, generally without replacement, to form subsets. This selection of subsets is called a permutation when the order of selection is a factor, a combination when order is not a factor.

How many different possible ways can the coach choose a team of 5 if each person has an equal chance of being selected?

How many different possible ways can the coach choose a team of 5 players? 12C2 = 792 ways the coach can choose a team of 5.

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